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Training, Simulation & Readiness

Training, Simulation & Readiness

Our real-world training offerings enable readiness to take on your toughest challenges.

Valiant delivers advanced learning solutions that elevate mission performance for every U.S. military and National Guard branch, its reserves, and multiple global partners, preparing the Warfighters of today for the missions of tomorrow. Built on more than 60 years of experience developing both immersive and simulation-based solutions, we replicate real-life and extreme environments to prepare the soldiers of today for the challenges of tomorrow.

We understand that success comes from meticulous planning and preparation. That’s why we deliver high-velocity training that ensures mission readiness for our customers.  We bring over six decades of deep institutional knowledge of operating in some of the world’s most diverse ground, maritime, aviation, and cyber environments to every project. Our world-renowned training team builds cutting-edge learning solutions that align with even the most challenging mission objectives. Simply put, we do our job so our customers can do theirs.

Valiant supports all aspects of major Warfighter training exercises involving thousands of soldiers at the Army’s Joint Readiness Training Center in Ft. Johnson, Louisiana.


​▸Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) Training ​

▸Joint, Multinational Exercises & Wargaming ​

Synthetic Training Integration

▸Training Systems Operations & Maintenance

▸Aviation Training & Readiness

▸Range Operations & Support Services

▸Multi-Service Based Management Information System (MIS) ​

▸Digital/Managed Learning ​

▸Training Analysis, Education, Simulation & Exercise Support

▸Performance, Analytics & Evaluation

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