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Intelligence & Analysis Solutions

We utilize advanced technology, specialized expertise, and extensive technical experience to deliver solutions that protect the U.S. and its allies from a diverse range of near-peer and counter-terror threats from across the globe.

Valiant provides on-location support to U.S. military combatant commanders and component commands with subject matter expertise and knowledge management in highly technical and strategically significant segments of the defense base. Our specialized systems meet the growing need for precise and accurate data evaluation to reduce risk and optimize performance, interoperability, and mission adaptability against the continuing threat from near-peer adversaries.


Valiant brings game-changing ideas, concepts, and innovation to component operations centers and targeting support technology, including time-sensitive targeting intelligence and integrating kinetic and non-kinetic targeting efforts. We partner with commands to develop advanced warfighting concepts, technology, and in-depth analysis. Additionally, Valiant provides engineering and technical support for developing, testing, and fielding weapons systems, avionics and sensors, underwater warfighting capabilities and readiness, threat data, and mission planning systems.


We also assist commands with synchronizing disaster management plans within service components and theater campaign plans by applying a wide range of analytical tools and methods. In addition, cybersecurity monitoring of intelligence-based intellectual property, enterprise monitoring, and threat vulnerability evaluations provide defense and municipal customers with the necessary security to protect national interests and help ensure public and private infrastructure security. We support a diverse range of missions for our customers, from unclassed up to TS/SCI with CI or Lifestyle Polygraph.


​▸​Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) ​

▸Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, & Explosives (CBRNE) ​

▸Electronic Warfare & Electromagnetic Spectrum (EW/EMS) ​

▸Staff Augmentation

​▸Research, Development, Test, & Evaluation (RDT&E) ​

▸Joint Training, Exercise Planning, & Wargaming ​

▸C5ISR Analysis ​

▸Undersea Warfare

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