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Valiant’s Code of
Business Ethics and Conduct

At Valiant, integrity means doing the right thing all the time, in every situation, regardless of who is watching. It means being trustworthy and reliable. It means choosing to do the right thing even when others are not.

Valiant employees come from many different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures, so we have a Code of Business Ethics & Conduct (the “Code of Conduct” or the “Code”) to create a common understanding of what it means to work with integrity. Our Code applies to all employees of Valiant Integrated Services and its affiliated companies (“Valiant”).

Valiant Integrity Hotline

We recognize that it takes courage to raise a concern. As we are committed to honesty, integrity, and respect in every situation, we have an Integrity Hotline to allow our employees, suppliers, subcontractors, and clients to confidentially raise any concern they have relating to violations of our Code of Business Ethics & Conduct, any impropriety relating to government contracting, or any other risk to the business. Raising concerns helps us to deal with issues before they become more serious. We have zero tolerance for retaliation against a reporter who has raised a concern in good faith.

Ethics & Compliance

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