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Senior Vice President - Business Development

Mike Brennan serves as Vice President of Business Development and Enterprise Capture at Valiant. Since joining Valiant in 2019, Mike has transformed the function from an operations-led other-duty-as-assigned to a professional business development organization. He leads a team of 11 business development and capture directors pursuing work across the company’s Mission Solutions and Training and Readiness verticals, conducting work in over 40 countries and supporting the mission of more than 20 customers. In the last 18 months, Valiant has won more than two billion dollars in contracts, significantly increasing Valiant’s annual revenue, market penetration, and customer base. In addition to his primary role at Valiant, Mike has supported multiple asset purchases and acquisitions to further increase the company’s capabilities and addressable market.

Before joining Valiant, Mike served in operations and business development roles at AECOM. He started at AECOM as the Strategic Team Director for an atmospheric information collection program in Southern Iraq supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn. Mike led 11 teams in nine locations providing real-time situational awareness to conventional and unconventional military units conducting foreign internal defense and counterinsurgency operations. Mike received the Commander’s Public Service Medal from the division commanding general for his exemplary service. Mike also held multiple business development positions at the AECOM. As Vice President of Major Captures, he was responsible for capturing high-priority bids with significant strategic importance, including leading teams from across the corporation to pursue large infrastructure design, build, and operate opportunities for foreign governments. Mike was also selected for the AECOM Rising Stars leadership development program.

Before joining AECOM, Mike served as an infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps. He held multiple leadership positions and led Marines deployed on the 31st and 11th Marine Expeditionary Units. While assigned to the Security Cooperation Education and Training Center, Mike was an advisor to Royal Saudi Marine and Naval Special Operations units. He developed, coordinated, and instructed multiple training courses, prepared Task Force 66 for bilateral training with US, British, Egyptian, and Pakistani units, and engaged in continuous interaction with Saudi military commanders leading to enhanced security cooperation and army development. Mike finished his service as the Current Operations Officer for Marine Corps Base Quantico.

Mike holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations from the United States Naval Academy. In addition, he has received language training from DLI and Middlebury College and is a graduate of the DISCS Security Cooperation Management Course.

Mike lives in Maryland with his wife Karen and son Jack.

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