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Information for California Residents

Valiant Provides this Privacy Statement and Notice at Collection as required by the California Consumer Privacy Act.


Valiant collects the below Personal and Sensitive Personal Information, as defined by CCPA Ca. Civ. Code §§ 1798.140(V)(1) and (ae), from applicable business partners to the extent required by applicable Federal or State law or best business practices (e.g., bank accounts for payment).  Valiant collects; personal information categories A-F & I; Sensitive Information categories A-B & D-E; and Genetic Information categories A-C. For 7 years after an employee's separation it retains personal information categories A-C & I; Sensitive Information categories A, B & D; and Genetic Information categories B & C. For 3 years after an employee's separation it retains personal information category E; and Genetic Information category A. For 2 years it retains personal information category F; and Sensitive Information category E. For 10 years it retains personal information category D.


Valiant may obtain the information listed above directly from and about you in a number of ways, such as:

  • Through your conversations with someone from the company;

  • Standard interactions with potential, current or past employees, potential, current or past vendors or related to other mutual business purposes

  • Through your use of and access to electronic or other communication with Valiant;

  • Through your interactions with us on our official social media accounts;

  • Through other sources as listed below; and

  • Through other public sources.


We may obtain information, including personal information, about you from third parties such as our partners, service providers, and other third parties. We also may combine it with other information we collect from you through our Website, Services, Official Social Media Accounts, and publicly available information in order to conduct our regular business activities and comply with legal and contractual requirements.


We use information that we collect directly from or about you:

  • To manage the business, provide customer support and respond to inquiries

  • To provide information related to our business

  • To customize and improve communication content

  • To comply with legal and ethical requirements and our Valiant policies and procedures (such as our duties related to employees, consultants, vendors, internal audits, investigations, etc.)

  • For Valiant accounting, recordkeeping, backup, and administrative purposes

  • For Contract and Vendor Management

  • For Business Development Activities

  • For Risk Management

  • Valiant does not sell or share the personal information it has collected (this includes the information on employee beneficiaries collected in accordance with Valiant benefit plans)

  • Valiant does disclose Personal information categories (A, B, C, E and I) of Valiant employees or independent contractors who have expressly consented for their information to be submitted as part of a Valiant service contract with the US, State, municipal government or other prime contractor(s). This information is disclosed as a contractual requirement to perform a service contract with one of the above entities and thus enables the applicable employee or individual contractor employment on the service contract.

  • Valiant does not use or disclose sensitive personal information for purposes other than those specified in section 7027(l) of the California Consumer Privacy Act Regulations.


Pursuant to the California Consumer Privacy Act and associated Regulations you have the following rights:


Right to Opt Out of Sale / Sharing - your right to direct Valiant not to sell or share your personal information about the you to third parties (to the extent Valiant sells or shares your personal information);  


Right to Know - what personal information the business has collected about the consumer, including the categories of personal information, the categories of sources from which the personal information is collected, the business or commercial purpose for collecting, selling, or sharing personal information, the categories of third parties to whom the business discloses personal information, and the specific pieces of personal information the business has collected about the consumer;


Right to Delete any personal information about you that Valiant has collected from you (subject to certain exceptions);


Right to Correct inaccurate personal information Valiant has collected from you, subject to certain exceptions;


The Right Not to Receive Discriminatory Treatment by Valiant for the exercise for your rights conferred by the CCPA.


These Rights can be requested via the webform found through the below link:


Your California Privacy Policy Rights


How Valiant Verifies - 

  1. Valiant confirms the requestor has information in its internal system or the employee applicant program

    •  (a) Valiant has the requestor's information; 

      • (i) If the request has sufficient detail to confirm the identity then the requestor is determined to be verified;

      • (ii) If the request does not have sufficient detail to confirm the identity Valiant may ask for alternate information which Valiant is likely to have in its possession.

      • (iii) If Valiant still cannot verify the requestor then it will deny the request in accordance with the Code and applicable regulations;

    • (b) If there is no data on the requestor in the system the requestor is notified that Valiant has no data on the requestor.

  2. Valiant may, at its option, choose to use a Third Party Identity Verification Service.


How an Authorized Agent can make a request - 

  1. Valiant may use the Verification process to determine identity of requestor.  Once verified Valiant will request proof that the requestor gave the agent authority permission to make the request. This will not apply when apply when a valid power of attorney as described in the regulations is submitted.

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