Program Management

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We provide sophisticated program integration services, utilizing proven data analytics and management, engineering, logistics, and administrative services to provide cost and schedule certainty for our customers.

Valiant provides oversight on some of the most mission-critical programs and projects on the planet. We integrate people, processes, and tools into our program management philosophy to synthesize all elements of our customers’ projects, tasks, and requirements. In addition, we use data analytics to suggest the necessary trade-offs to manage competing needs. 

We strive for operational excellence as a partner that treats customer objectives as our own. Valiant’s subject matter experts apply and tailor industry best practices to consistently achieve and exceed customer program objectives. Our associates ensure processes, tools, and applications are adapted to adhere to customer operating requirements, governance principles, and technology obligations. Our expertise, oversight, and reach-back capability provide predictive program results through planning, execution, monitoring, program controls, and ultimate performance throughout the entire program lifecycle.



​▸Program/Project Requirements

​▸Resource Planning
​▸Cost Estimating
​▸Budget, Schedule & Cost Performance

​▸Acquisition Management

​▸Quality Management
​▸Analytics & Process Improvement
Risk Analysis & Mitigation
​▸Health, Safety & Environmental

​▸Integrated Program Support